Our Green Mission

Building eco-friendly apartments in Milwaukee

Doing what's right for our buildings and our residents also means being environmentally conscious and committed to a higher standard of care.

We believe in preserving the integrity of historical structures and staying true to a property's character and signature details. But to truly be green, we commit to investing in energy-efficient upgrades in our eco-friendly apartments, while making every attempt to minimize the environmental impact of our work.

This green philosophy guides us every day.

With new building projects and adaptive re-use projects on the horizon, we are continually researching and incorporating state-of-the-art sustainable technologies, practices and materials that will raise the bar. This higher standard is what every resident can expect from Dominion Properties when calling one of our green apartments home.

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Environmental Impact Initiative

We believe in the history of our city, and while some structures may have become worn and weathered over the years or parcels have been ignored, Dominion Properties promises to positively impact neighborhoods in Milwaukee by breathing new life into old buildings and in-fill spaces. We want to transform these pockets of our city and find new uses for vacant properties.

Environmental Technology Initiative

New technologies are powerful green tools. New construction projects, such as Sage on Jackson, one of our green apartment buildings, provide the opportunity to be true stewards of sustainability with geothermal wells, innovative building structures and flooring systems. These projects also give us the ability to design efficient spaces. Technology allows us to upgrade the efficiency of existing buildings with new windows and doors, ultra-high efficiency boilers, zone valves and insulation. We invest in this technology to extend the life of our buildings, ultimately improving life for our residents in our eco-friendly apartments.

Environmental Resources Management Initiative

Our environment is precious, so we are committed to reducing our carbon foot print and conserving our resources—light, heat, water and energy. We make choices that benefit our residents and we “pay it forward” by educating them on the benefits and savings. Our residents receive their water bills so they can understand the building's consumption and help us identify areas of concern. We invest in systems that efficiently heat older buildings and install sensors and timers to manage light levels throughout the day. These and other examples show you we spend a lot of our own energy making sure our buildings use the least amount of resources possible. In doing so, we become better stewards of our planet.